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Why China?

Free tuition fee!

You pay nothing and at the same time study at a prestigious university abroad!!

Knowledge of 2 languages at once!

Universities offer training in English or Chinese, but knowledge of these languages is not required. If, for example, the language of instruction at the university is English, then the Chinese language will learn automatically when in the environment!

Salary of $ 1,000 immediately after graduation!

Chinese is the No. 1 language today! Graduates who know Chinese can easily find work with a salary of $ 1,000 or more!

Safety in China is higher than in England!

The number of crimes in China per 100 thousand people is 1, while in England 1.2. For comparison, in Russia 9.2, in Kazakhstan 8.8, in Malaysia 2.3, in the Czech Republic 1.7.

no entry exams!

For admission, exams is not required. Pupils no longer have to waste time on useless cramming and they use the freed up time to study English or Chinese!

international diploma!

Unlike many Kazakhstan universities, your university is recognized by UNESCO, which ensures the receipt of an international diploma. An international diploma gives you the opportunity to enter a magistracy in the best foreign universities, as well as work in international organizations!

What are students afraid?

What will eat?

The university has 5-6 dining rooms with a varied meal! For example, dumplings, chicken with rice, etc.

Where will I live?

2 beds hotel type rooms! Separate shower and toilet, internet!

Is security guaranteed?

Live on a guarded campus! Guarded checkpoints around the perimeter!

Where will I be treated?

There is a medical center in the Campus and a public hospital is nearby!

How will I go to China alone without knowing the language?

Students are provided with an English-language curator for the entire duration of the training!

How about the sport?

On the campus there are football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, treadmills, a sports stadium and much more

Will it get a grant exactly?

Universities guarantee 100% grants!

What if I can’t cope with my studies?

Universities in every possible way help foreign students and make concessions!

What if I can’t learn a language?

Almost 100% of students master the Chinese language in the first year!


reggae alexander

MyChina helped me collect all the necessary documents for studying in China. The company answered many important questions. Moreover, the Company was engaged in the application for an invitation letter to enter the university. That is, I had more free time. Still attracted by the fact that there is no need to take UNT. I am currently studying language courses in Hangzhou. Very interesting and exciting, one calligraphy is worth it. In general, for a short period of my stay in China, I had the most pleasant experience. I really like it here.

Begmetov’s sister Mohammedmiras

Good evening, MyChina! I would like to thank you for helping me send my younger brother to study in China. I would like to thank the staff of My China for helping him in choosing a university! He really likes to study! And especially thank you for their meetings, paperwork, help, familiarization with all the rules. I wish you continued prosperity and success in all your endeavors!

Mom Adilova Tamerlan

Good day! My name is Adilova Gulnar Nursapaevna. I am the mother of Adilov Tamerlane, a student of your Hangzhou language education program. My reviews are only positive. My son is satisfied, he likes everything, the program is understandable enough and accessible for us. And most importantly, the cost of training is much lower than the cost in other countries of the world, and the quality is at a high level! And it pleases. Thank you all very much !!! I wish only the prosperity and success of your company! Sincerely, G. Adilova

Nazgul Zholmagambetova

Hello everyone from China, more precisely from the city of Nanjing) My name is Nazgul) I arrived in this wonderful city exactly a month ago) and I do not regret a bit) To be honest, to convey all my emotions there isn’t enough words) It just needs to be seen) But my dream is to learn Abroad would not have come true without the company MyChina) Thank you for giving such a chance)

Ahan Baymenov

Hello! I am currently studying at Shandong University of Technology in Zibo for a year of language courses. I really like it here. The Chinese are very kind and helpful. The city is green, clean and large, quite a lot of interesting places. There are few Russian speakers in the city compared to large cities, which is well motivated to learn the language. Come here, you will really like it here! 大家 再见!

Mom Shustova Julia

Hello! Today, my daughter Julia Shustova is a student at the Nanjing Polytechnic University. Thanks to the work of the MyChina training center team. Thank you personally for supporting Miras, Sandugash and Zarina! I heard the most joyful words from my daughter this week: “Mom, I'm so glad I went here to study! Everything is great! ”Guys, thank you!


I thank MyChina for the opportunity to receive a grant at Nanjing University Since and Technology. I would like to note that the representatives of this company are very conscientious in their work. I really liked China from the very arrival. The university is equipped with the latest technology - this is not only excellent learning conditions, but also the opportunity to conduct scientific research in all different fields, as well as on the university campus there are many sports complexes and places where you can spend free time. The city of Nanjing is very beautiful and cozy and has many places.

Zhania Dulatbaeva

I am very glad that I came to study in China. The teachers are very polite, good. The language itself is difficult, but among the Chinese you can learn. Everything is very good. I like. Come if you want to connect your future with China, which is among the best countries in the world !!!)))

masanchi ali

Ni Hao, my name is Masanchi Ali, has left for MyChina in China, Nanjing City. The city is simply gorgeous, who does not know this is the former capital of China, I study at Nanjing University of Science and Technology, simply put, NUST, the main study in English, but we learn Chinese in full swing. A large and beautiful campus, a large football field, a lot of basketball fields, tennis courts and etc. In general, there is everything to go headlong into school and then rest from the heart. We were placed in a comfortable hostel, in the room 4 people, toilet, bathroom, the most important thing is Internet access. If you read it, you're a big lucky one !! See you in China !!

Venus Bekzebeeva

Hello! I thank MyChina for sending me here to study. Here I like everything about the university itself and the teachers are very good and understanding. The people themselves are so kind. I myself really like it here and are happy with everything. Thanks MyChina.

Bahat Sati

Nihao! I study at Nanjing University of Science and Technology in Nanjing (Bachelor) 1 year at Bakhat Sati. Our university is booming with great opportunities. The territory of our campus is very large. It contains several educational buildings, dormitories, a library, tennis, football, basketball courts, a cafeteria and shops, and several multi-story dining rooms, etc. .. Nanjing is very beautiful and one of the cleanest and safest cities in China. Here the people are very friendly and welcoming towards foreigners .. And if you are a purposeful and confident person, then this is your chance to get a good education and also a great future! Generally I love this city and NUST. ^)

Aydin Abirov

I, Aydin Abirov, in the fall of 2014 flew to study in China under the MyChina program. I am infinitely glad that by chance I came across this company in due time. At first I did not believe it, but now I’m going to write how I like it here. Let's start with the hostel: an ideal place for classes, so everything is compactly organized. The university is very beautiful, it simply fascinates with its appearance. Good teachers, always trying to help. The city is just something, and of course food: if you find good places (there are a lot of them), then you can not take a steam bath over it. In conclusion, I will say, dear friends, drop everything and come here !!!

About us

The company was founded on August 20, 2010. During our work, we were able to send 2,420 students to study in China, 2080 of which went to a grant. A great recognition from the state was that in 2015 we became official partners of Expo 2017.

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