Want to increase the number 
of guests from China?


The number of tourists from China exceeded 130 million people a year. This makes them the most numerous tourists in the world. The average check of a Chinese tourist on a trip abroad is 5 times higher than a tourist from England. China ranks first in the world in expenditures of tourists abroad.

China friendly

The title “China friendly” is awarded to the best hotels that meet all the requirements of guests from China.

Main requirements

1.Provide service in Chinese 24 hours 7 days a week.

2.Provide breakfast that would consider the preferences of guests from China.

Do not meet the requirements?

In this case, you can use paid services from $290 per month, which include:

1. System of communication with guests in Chinese.

2. Recommendations for cooking “Chinese” breakfast.

What gives the title of “China friendly”?

1. You will get the opportunity to be marked as “China friendly” on Chinese hotel booking sites! 

2. You will receive desired VIP tourist groups. Lists of hotels “China friendly” are sent to local travel companies that meet and accommodate VIP guests from China.

3. You will receive desired business groups from 5 people. Lists with “China friendly” hotels are sent to local companies that organize exhibitions, business forums and other events with participation of guests from China.

4. You will receive rapturous reviews in Chinese booking systems that will attract new guests!

5. You will get the opportunity of advertising in leading travel magazines in China.

Application deadline

Applications for the award are accepted until March 20, 2019.